Laser Hair Removal Bikini Area

Hair removal in the bikini area can be difficult and time-consuming. Waxing at home can be painful and less effective than most people would like. Shaving is a simpler option and is less painful and less expensive but has to be done far more frequently and can cause other problems including razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Even the most careful shaver with the best razor can get nicks and cuts and that can lead to infection. There are other options for taking care of the hair in this delicate area. One of the most popular of these options is laser hair removal.

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Why a Laser for Bikini Hair Removal?

Even the best hair removal techniques are time-consuming and may not give the results that you really want. Laser hair removal targets the hair at the follicle level, destroying it completely. Most hair will fall out within 14 days or so of the initial session. As an added benefit, these results may last for several years. In some cases, hair may never grow back in the treated area while in other cases there will be a minimal return of hair that requires a touch-up laser hair session or two.

Each session will last less than half an hour. You will need to have several sessions to achieve the maximum results. These sessions will be spaced out to minimize damage to the skin which can lead to scarring. Most sessions happen every 4-8 weeks. The total number of sessions that you will need may depend on a number of factors including how much hair is being removed, skin tone and hair color, and your own tolerance for the treatment.

Choosing the Right Level of Bikini Hair Removal for You

Because the bikini line is such an intimate area, it is very important to choose the level of hair removal that you will be comfortable with. There are several options but all are easily tailored to fit individual needs during the consultation period. The basic laser hair treatment removes only a small amount of hair in the areas that would be found outside of the traditional bikini. This can include the upper thigh, the inner thigh, and the lower abdominal area.

The full bikini treatment will remove more hair from this area while the Brazilian removes the largest amount of hair. In both the full or the Brazilian all pubic hair can be removed if that is desired. If you have never had any type of laser treatments before and are unsure of how you will tolerate it the best suggestion is to start with the minimal treatment at least for the first session and then to reassess later.

The Benefits of Removing Body Hair This Way

You are saving time and money by having a laser treatment. Imagine not having to worry about shaving or waxing for years instead of just a day or two. In addition, the worry of razor rash, bumps, and painful ingrown hairs will be gone as well. It is important that you are using a qualified and highly trained professional to deliver these treatments and to make sure that you are following all directions before each session. Some of these directions can include:

  • Avoiding the sun for 2 weeks before the treatment. You will also be asked to skip tanning beds and tanning products as well. The lasers focus on the pigmentation of the follicle.
  • Darker skin can make this difficult to do.
  • Coming to your session without skin creams or lotions on the area to be treated.
  • Checking with your doctor if you are taking any prescription medications. Some medicines can cause increased sensitivity to light.
  • Remove all jewelry from the area.

After your session, you may feel a bit tender. You may notice some redness and maybe a small amount of swelling. You will be given instructions to follow to minimize your discomfort and you will also be given things to watch for over the next few days. It is important to follow these instructions carefully for the best results.

Part of the instructions may be to shave and/or exfoliate the area two days to two weeks after each treatment. This will help the hairs fall out of the follicle faster and will help you get the smooth, hair-free skin that you were going for.

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