Energy + MIC Fat Burner Injections

Here is a look at what each substance in the Energy+ injection can do for you:

  • Methionine – This amino acid helps to regulate your estrogen levels as well as protects your body.
  • Inositol – This lipotropic works to break down fat in your body and convert that fat into energy.
  • Choline – This important nutrient detoxifies your system by removing bile from your liver. This will help boost your energy level.
  • Vitamin B12 – This important essential B vitamin optimizes the most important parts of your body such as your blood, heart, and brain. Up to 40% of the American public is deficient in vitamin B12. Lack of this essential B vitamin leads to fatigue.
  • LCarnitine – This nutrient will help you burn fat to use as energy and increase your endurance.

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Individually, one injection of each of these B12, MIC, and L-Carnitine would cost over $60.

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Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Energy+

Do you find yourself too tired to go out, have fun, and do the things that you used to do? It’s not that you are getting older. You simply may have less energy or put on a few pounds. If dieting and exercise alone are not working, there is a way to give your body the boost it needs to burn fat and get more energy.

Introducing Energy+ The Energy Boosting and Fat Burning Injection Therapy
Energy+ is a nutrient injection that has been designed with the most effective, natural energy-boosting and fat burning vitamins and amino acids. Along with MIC fat burner injections, each injection includes Hydroxy-Vitamin B12 and L-carnitine. Each of these components is a substance that helps to burn fat and produce energy.

The Incredible Fast Working Advantage of Energy+ Injections:

With Energy+ injections, you are able to introduce these fat-burning and energy-boosting vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. That means you get faster results than simply taking these same nutrients orally. Also, injections ensure a 100% absorption rate. You can get your injection during your lunch hour and get results.

What to Expect
Once you begin your Energy+ injections, you will begin to notice some exciting changes to your body that will boost your energy and lead to fat burning. 

  • Improved Mood – With the energy-boosting benefits of Energy+ injections, you’ll actually look forward to moving around, exercising, and having fun thanks to the higher levels of L-Carnitine and Hydroxy-B12. 
  • Improve Liver Health – Since lipotropic injections help remove bile and fat from your liver, you will ensure the improved function of this critical organ.
  • Provides Hormone Balance – With better hormone balance, you will be able to burn fat more effectively

Life Before and After Energy+
Before your energy+ injections, you are probably not looking forward to your exercise. Perhaps, you make excuses to not do things. After your Energy+ injections, your body will have the instant boost that you need to get moving. You’ll look forward to your exercises and feel like a whole new person. After a few more injections, you’ll begin to see some real weight loss results as that extra energy that you keep keeps your body moving by following a healthy diet.

Don’t Spend Another Day Not Moving Forward
Why spend another day not having the energy that you want? Why feel bad and frustrated about your lack of energy or diet challenges? Get yourself the boost that you need for effective energy and weight loss. You deserve to give yourself the energy that you need. 

Get Your Energy+ Injection for One Low Price
Individually, one injection of each of these B12, MIC, and L-Carnitine would cost over $60. Right now, we are offering a special price for our Energy+ injection therapy. Get one injection for just $35. That’s right. Get the energy-boosting and weight loss benefits of this natural and effective injection treatment.

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Get all the fat burning and energy-boosting benefits of Energy+ today at a low price. Contact our office to schedule your injection today.

How Do Lipotropic Injections Work?

Vitamin injections are stronger and work faster than oral vitamin supplements. Only a certain percentage of substances taken orally get absorbed into the body, depending on the quality of the substance and a person’s digestive tract health. Injections send 100% of the vitamin dosage into your bloodstream to circulate throughout the whole body.

Lipotropic injections will deliver a number of vitamins and minerals to your body. These nutrients will regulate your hormone levels which will make your body more receptive to fat loss and weight loss. During the weight loss process, your body will begin to push excess fat out of the bloodstream.

Another part of the body that stores fat is in the liver. In fact, many people stay overweight and sluggish because of all the fat and bile stored in the liver. Lipotropic injections will also push fat the bile out of the liver. By removing fat and bile from this critical organ, you can help prevent dangerous fat build up in the liver that can lead to organ failure.

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What to Expect

MIC Injections can help with energy
Once you begin your lipotropic injections, you will notice a number of positive effects on your body. Overall, these effects will allow you to get the body that you have always desired.

  • Improved Heart Function – As fat is removed from your system, your heart will be better able to operate which will lead to better blood flow to your vital organs.
  • Improved Mood – The energy boosting properties of lipotropic injections will give you a better mood and make you look forward to exercising, engaging in daily activities and having fun.
  • Improve Liver Health – Since lipotropic injections push bile and fat out of your liver, you will experience better functioning of this critical organ. This will help you metabolize your fat and lead to less fat storage.
  • Provides Hormone Balance – A proper injection of vitamins and nutrients will finally get your hormones in balance and lead to less fat storage.

Since Lipotropic Injections deliver essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, these nutrients are naturally absorbed into your body. That means you get fast acting results. The bottom line? You will begin to feel immediate and positive results of Lipotropic Injections.

What Are The Possible Side Effects of Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections are made up of all natural vitamins and minerals. However, some users may experience a number of side effects.

  • Allergic Reactions – In some case, you may experience redding or rashes around the injection area. This redding will go away quickly in most cases.
  • Headache – Some users may experience a slight headache during the day of the injection.
  • Upset Stomach – Users with sensitive stomachs may experience mild discomfort or nausea.

How to Get the Most Out of MIC Injections

To get the most out of lipotropic injections you should get your injections weekly for a few weeks to start. Then slowly integrate in a diet and exercise program. When you start to exercise, you will may see real results from your efforts. Also, the nutrients from the healthier food that you will eat will be better absorbed by the body. Overall, your metabolism will improve and you will become an efficient fat burning machine. Before you know it, you will have the trim, fit and happy body that you have always wanted. Contact us here in Gilbert, AZ to learn more about the fat burning and overall health benefits of lipotropic injections.