water for weight loss

Water Will Help You Lose Weight

You need to be using this super effective magic potion that will help you remain fit and healthy and at the same time ensure that you lose weight in the process! The magic potion is water. Yes, you read that right.

The numbers game

71% of our beautiful planet is covered in water. Not only does it makes up 60% of the human body, but also composes 83% of our lungs along with 73% of our brain and heart. For a healthy mind and body, drinking water regularly and keeping yourself hydrated is a must.

Advantages in using Water to aid weight lossAdvantages in using Water to aid weight loss

You do not really need to look at the label when you buy water because it is free from additives and preservatives. You will not be adding unnecessary calories and at the same time consumption of water won’t harm your teeth and leave plaque like other cold beverages and fizzy drinks do. If there is one thing that every doctor advises – it is to drink water regularly and keep your body hydrated.

How water aids in weight loss

Water consumption and weight loss go hand in hand. For one, drinking water just prior to a meal leads to feeling less hungry and thus eating less on average and consuming fewer calories. This works best when you consume cold water prior to your meal instead of warm or tepid water. So try it out and not only will you be refreshed with a cold glass of water but also be able to keep the calories at a distance.

How water aids in weight lossWater also increases your metabolism and this is a crucial factor when it comes to losing weight and keeping weight off. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that weight loss does not happen when you exercise, but happens after you have exercised. This is why it is so important to have focused, systematic workouts so that you can get great results later. Water plays a crucial role in helping you remain hydrated and give your 100 percent to your workouts and in return increase your metabolism.


Time to grab a drink!

What are the best times to drink water? Well, how about right now?

There is no bad time as such to grab a drink of cold refreshing water but it is important to drink water at the beginning and end of your day. Start and end your day hydrated especially because you will not be drinking water for about six to eight hours at night. It is known that the human body gets dehydrated when in a state of sleep so make sure that you replenish the body by drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning.

Drink water prior to meals

As mentioned previously, have a glass of water or two prior to your meals especially if you are looking to lose weight and want to suppress your appetite.

water helps with weight lossPre and post-workout drink

While post-workout protein shakes are healthy and can help in muscle rebuilding, it is important you do not skip your glass of water. Not only will you be hydrated but also can function at optimum levels.

When you are bored

A lot of times people snack on junk food and fizzy drinks when they are not hungry, but bored. Do not invite empty calories in your life. Replace fizzy drinks with water and not only will you be losing weight faster, but also have beautiful tooth and glowing skin.


All said and done, it is time to turn words into action. Go grab a glass of water and start losing weight now. Cheers to that!