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Can Laser Genesis Help Treat Rosacea and Improve Your Skin

Do You Suffer From Rosacea and Other Skin Conditions?

Did you know that over 415 million people around the world suffer from Rosacea? Rosacea is a condition where malfunctioning blood vessels causes prolonged redness in the face. Many people feel self-conscious about this condition which can not be treated with over the counter creams and medications. Left untreated, this condition can get worse.

rosacea flare-upIf you suffer from Rosacea, chances are you have tried a bunch of creams or other over-the-counter treatments. If you have not been getting the results you wanted, it is time to seek a real solution to your Rosacea. The good news is that there is an FDA approved treatment for Rosacea that can restore your face back to its natural beauty. Even better, this treatment can help tighten your skin, develop healthier skin cells, reduce acne and make you look younger and more vibrant. 

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is an advanced, non-invasive, FDA approved laser treatment that can help reduce and eliminate Rosacea. This treatment has been used for years and has helped thousands of people treat their Rosacea and develop a younger, healthier-looking face. 

xeo LaserGenesis machineLaser Genesis uses a special laser than sends a strong yet painless pulse of energy to the deep layers of skin on your face. In the treatment of Rosacea, the laser pulse will reduce the effected blood vessels from producing excessive redness. As the laser treats these skin cells, your body will develop stronger, younger skin that will help tighten your skin and make your face look years younger. 

A Laser Genesis session only lasts for about an hour. The entire procedure is painless for most patients and requires no recovery time. That means you can have your Laser Genesis treatment done during your lunch hour or right after work. The results of Laser Genesis are gradual and will be completed over a number of sessions. The gradual progress of the treatment will allow your skin the proper time needed to develop new, healthy skin cells. Because Laser Genesis allows time for the natural growth of skin and collagen, there are little to no side effects with the treatment. 

Benefits of Laser Genesis?

Beyond helping with your Rosacea, there are a number of other benefits to Laser Genesis treatment. In fact, 

there are millions of people who use Laser Genesis to treat a number of skin conditions.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Laser Genesis: 

  • Tighter and Smoother Skin – If you want to look years younger, then Laser Genesis is a great way to naturally rebuild healthy skin cells in your face. 
  • Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles – Wrinkles are the first tell-tale sign of aging. With xeo LaserGenesis machineLaster Genesis, you can reduce the appearance of your deepest wrinkles to make you look years younger. Since this procedure is gradual, it will not appear as though you had any radical work done to alter your appearance. 
  • Smaller Pores – Large, open pores are an invitation for dirt and germs to invade your face. With Laser Genesis, the treatment will help close those pores to give the surface of your face a smooth more youthful and healthier appearance.
  • Reduce Your Current Acne Outbreaks – Acne outbreaks can cause permanent and unsightly scarring on your face. With Laser Genesis treatment, the acne outbreak can be reduced, saving your face from further damage.
  • Reduce Skin Redness – Redness in the face can be a problematic and embarrassing situation for many people. With Laser Genesis, the treatment can help eliminate the active blood vessels that are causing the redness. 
  • Reduce Acne Scarring – Perhaps one of the most damaging side effects of acne outbreaks is the scaring that can damage the appearance of your face. Laser Genesis can help reduce the appearance of their scars and help smooth out your face.
  • Reduce Injury Scars – Some people spend years, or even decades, living with an injury scar that they find embarrassing. With Laser Genesis, the appearance of their scars can be reduced so that they are barely noticeable.

Does It Help Rosacea?

face comparison before and after rosacea treatment

Laser Genesis offers a number of benefits to your skin. When it comes to Rosacea, Laser Genesis has been proven to treat this widespread and frustrating condition. The deep laser pulses will help destroy the blood vessels causing the redness. From there, your skin cells will regenerate, restoring your face back to its more natural condition. On top of that, these new skin cells will make your face smoother, tighter and appear younger. 

Rosacea treatment with Laser Genesis will take place over several sessions. In most cases, you will receive 4 to 6 sessions. If your Rosacea is severe, then you may need to have up to 9 sessions to complete the treatment. Each treatment will last one hour with about a one week break between treatments. Side effects are minor with a little bit of a tingling sensation right after treatment. In some cases, there may be some mild peeling in the treated area. 

Overall, the multi-week treatment approach will allow your skin to naturally recover and restore your natural appearance. Once the treatment is done, your Rosacea treatment will be permanent. 

Treat Your Rosacea with Laser Genesis Today 

Now is the time to transform your face and finally treat your Rosacea. Schedule a consultation with us today so we can show you how Laser Genesis can help treat your Rosacea and give you a younger, smoother and healthier-looking face. Our treatment specialists will be able to walk you through the entire treatment, answer all of your questions and show you how Laser Genesis has permanently helped people who have had your exact condition. 

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Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing a younger and healthier face staring back at you. You will no longer be self-conscious about your skin condition and experience a face that looks smoother and tighter with fewer wrinkles. Best of all, this amazing treatment is non-invasive and can be completed with just a few one-hour sessions. This is your chance to have a permanent solution to a skin condition that may have been bothering you for years.

Laser Genesis is the FDA approved, non-invasive and simple way to give you back the fast that you deserve. You don’t need to “go under the knife” to treat your skin and get a young, tighter and smoother looking face. Make the simple choice that will give you years of healthier-looking skin. We are looking forward to helping you have the flawless face that you have always wanted.