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Common FAQs about Dermaplaning

Do you want a fast and pain-free way for smoother, glowing skin? Many options require products with ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. If this sounds like you, dermaplaning is a great option. Through the use of a medical-grade blade, this pain-free skincare treatment is quick and can provide immediate results.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about dermaplaning and whether you’re a good candidate!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, manual exfoliation skincare treatment in order to achieve radiant, smoother-looking skin. A sterile blade is used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells as well as the “peach fuzz” from your face. Although a blade is used, the treatment is painless and the treatment normally takes less than an hour.

It’s a natural way to remove dirt and impurities. The best part is, your rejuvenated skin and youthful glow will last about four weeks before you’ll need to come back. The only side-effect may be some slight redness, but this will fade away quickly.

Am I a Good Dermaplaning Candidate?

One of the best parts about dermaplaning is its gentle, non-invasive method. For this reason, people with a variety of skin conditions and sensitivities can enjoy all the benefits of dermaplaning.

You can benefit from dermaplaning even if you have: 

  • Rosacea
  • Fine facial hair
  • Sensitive skin
  • Redness
  • Visible facial veins

However, dermaplaning isn’t recommended for people who are on Accutane or blood thinners. It’s also not a good choice for people who have hemophilia, shingles, or delicate skin.

If you have acne-prone skin, microdermabrasion or chemical peels are recommended instead.

What is the cost of Dermaplaning?

For a non-invasive treatment with results that last a month, the cost of dermaplaning is relatively affordable. You’ll find that most spas will charge between $50 to $150 or more.

Since dermaplaning is the exfoliation of the top layer of your skin, many spas will also offer facials or chemical peels along with their dermaplaning treatments. This is because the products will absorb into the skin faster and easier, leading to better results.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

One of the best parts about dermaplaning is that you can see the results and benefits as soon as your treatment is over and you look into the mirror.

  • Removes dead skin cells and hair from the face
  • Enables products to absorb into the skin easier
  • Cleaner skin and unclogged pores
  • Prevention of future breakouts
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars
  • Smoother skin texture

Dermaplaning can also be a great option for pregnant women who can’t use certain products or people who have sensitive skin. The manual exfoliation technique is gentle and non-invasive.

Dermaplaning Myths

There are a few common myths about dermaplaning out there that keep people from experiencing its benefits. Here are a few that we’d like to address:

Peach Fuzz Grows Back Darker

Since dermaplaning seems similar to shaving, many people are afraid that the hair on their faces will grow back thicker and darker. This is simply not true. It’s not possible for shaving to make your hair follicles grow thicker or darker.
Shaving simply removes the tapered tip of hair so that the blunt, thicker base is visible. Since the vellus hairs on your face are thinner and softer, you won’t even have to worry about this issue.

Dermaplaning is Painful

Many people are justifiably afraid that dermaplaning is painful since a blade is used on your face. Although some mild irritation and redness may occur, you’ll only feel a light brushing or tickling sensation. The technique is gentle and only skims the surface of your face. Most people actually find dermaplaning soothing.

Dermaplaning Causes Breakouts

If you have active breakouts on your face, dermaplaning isn’t recommended because it can irritate those breakouts and make them worse. If you don’t, dermaplaning is an excellent method to reduce future breakouts because you’re moving dirt and dead skin cells that would normally clog your pores.

Time Consuming

Some people believe that dermaplaning takes too long, though this can be subjective. Even though this is a manual method, dermaplaning is typically done in less than an hour. Since the benefits last for up to a month, we find that this is a great payoff for the time it takes.

You Can Use a Regular Razor

Both men and women can use regular razors on their faces in order to remove hair. However, you won’t achieve the same results as a tool that has a single, sharp blade.

Regular razors aren’t able to remove the same amount of dead skin cells and hair that a proper tool is able to do. Plus, you’ll need to use the proper technique.

The Secret to Glowing Skin

Dermaplaning is a technique that provides instant benefits in a pain-free way. You’ll enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin and prevent future breakouts through a simple treatment that takes less than an hour to complete. Dermaplaning is also a great choice for people with rosacea or sensitive skin because the treatment itself is gentle and non-invasive.

You’ll also find that this treatment goes well with facials. Because the dead skin cells and the hair on your face are being removed, products will be able to absorb into your skin far more easily. This will lead to even better results.

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