Laser Hair Removal

Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal

Today, the estimated worth of the global laser technology market is a staggering $11.7 billion. Come 2025; experts say it will balloon even further to reach a value of $17.6 billion.

The beauty and cosmetic industries are among the primary users of laser technology. Many innovative hair removal services, for instance, now rely on laser light.

All that may have made you wonder whether waxing is still worth a try. Don’t worry, as we got you covered. In this waxing vs laser hair removal guide, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of both. So, be sure to read on so that you can decide for yourself which unwanted hair removal option is best for you.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal technique that utilizes resin-based wax. The wax, which can either be “cold” or “hot,” then gets applied and spread evenly to a small section of the treatment area. The hair removal technician then applies a strip of fabric on top of the wax.

After this, the technician smooths down the fabric in the same direction that the hair grows. After a few seconds, the fabric gets pulled off in the opposite direction.

As you can imagine, waxing is quite painful. So long as properly done, though, it should remove the entire strand, from root to tip. It should have “pulled” the hair from its very follicle.

The follicle remains within the skin’s dermis layer, though. Because the follicle remains intact, the hair will grow back after a few weeks.

Still, correct waxing methods leave the skin smooth and hair-free for three to six weeks.

What About Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal process involves the use of a laser, which is a highly concentrated light. The hair removal specialist directs this light onto the treatment area. The melanin (the pigment that gives the hair its color) then absorbs this light.

As the melanin absorbs the light, it also converts the laser into heat energy. This heat destroys the hair, down to its follicles. As a result, the follicles won’t be able to regrow hair in the usual way.

As such, one of the top laser hair removal benefits is longer-lasting hair-free skin. In many cases, repeated sessions can even completely impede the hair regrowth process. However, you may also need to undergo several sessions to get as much hair out of your skin.

One study even found a 41% to 46% complete hair reduction after three laser sessions within six months. This means that almost half of the hair they had removed didn’t grow back at all until after half a year. Some people also had a 100% hair reduction after seven sessions.

In addition, laser hair removal technology can get rid of almost any unwanted hair. You can undergo laser treatment for arm, underarm, or facial hair removal. Laser light equipment is also safe for the removal of hair in the bikini area.

Side Effects of Waxing Compared to Laser Hair Removal

A UK study found that, on average, women spend about 1,728 hours shaving their legs throughout their life. They also spend 30 days (720 hours) plucking their eyebrows. That doesn’t even include the time spent caring for the cuts and nicks that shaving can induce.

Waxing may not cause such injuries, but it can still result in bumps and rashes if done incorrectly. It can also cause ingrown hair, bleeding, or at the very least, redness and swelling.

As long as carried out by a skincare expert, laser hair removal often has fewer side effects. In fact, researchers noted that it’s a safe and effective treatment for various skin types. They also found the hair removal process to have no adverse side effects.

At most, your skin may feel hypersensitive immediately after the treatment. However, this should dissipate quickly and feel better within a few hours.

Besides, a licensed laser specialist will prepare your skin prior to the treatment. They will ensure that your skin stays cool enough throughout the procedure. Cooling is integral as it helps prevent or ease swelling that may develop on the skin.

Is There Anything Good About Waxing at All?

Well, waxing costs less upfront compared to laser hair removal. However, it may cost you more in the long run, as you’d need to go in for another session as soon as your hair grows back. Again, this can be around three to six weeks from your last procedure.

This means that you’d need about 9 to 18 waxing sessions each year if you want to keep your skin hair-free. So, consider this, plus the “ouch” factor, when deciding between waxing and laser.

Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal: Which One Should You Choose Then?

If you need all those unwanted hair gone today and you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider waxing. However, you should also consider the pain and side-effects of doing so. There’s also the risk of ingrown hairs that aren’t only annoying but can also be painful.

If you want longer-lasting, luxurious hair-free skin, then laser treatment is the way to go. Although you’d likely need several sessions, the results have a better “staying” power. You can have super smooth skin for several months if you undergo more sessions.

Laser Hair Removal for Long-Lasting Luxuriously Smooth Skin

There you have it, your ultimate waxing vs laser hair removal guide. As you can see, waxing may be more affordable, but it can be very painful and have more side effects.

Whereas laser hair removal, so long as done by a specialist, can be a safer alternative. Plus, the results last way longer, which should be a good enough reason to go with laser therapy.

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