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Hydrafacial Treatment – Everything You Need to Know

The skincare industry is full of so many different treatments that work for different types of skin and deliver different benefits. It is an industry that is constantly improving and upgrading according to the needs and the demands of its customers. That is why there are so many different techniques and treatments for the skin that one might find it hard to choose the most suitable. 

One of the most popular skincare facial treatments is the HydraFacial and many consider it as an answer to all the struggles and answer on how to get and achieve illuminated skin. This is a highly rated treatment and considered one of the go-to treatments that deal with almost all skincare issues. 

HydraFacial treatment is the solution that delivers quick results and a glowing face. It is an approach that is one of the best rejuvenating treatments. It delivers plumper, firmer skin which is visible after just one treatment. It is quick, convenient, without any downtime, and can even be done while being out on your work break. 

For all those who are interested in the HydraFacial treatment, we are breaking down all the things that you need to know. 

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a treatment that is designed and uses special and patented technology that focuses on cleansing, extraction, and hydration of the skin. All of those steps are done quickly and without any pain. As a more progressive form of microdermabrasion, the hydra dermabrasion, as part of the HydraFacial, works deeper in the skin’s surface. By infusing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and protective antioxidants, the complexion is nourished and rejuvenated. 

How does HydraFacial work?

HydraFacial is a treatment that must be done by a trained specialist. The treatment is done in three separate parts:

  • First part: the first part of the Hydrafacial includes a vortex-like wand that is used against the skin to clear all the dirt, residue, makeup, oil that is pilled up on the skin and in the pores. There is also a peel used to exfoliate and resurface the skin. As you know, clean pores are the base for acne-free skin. 
  • Second part: the second part includes a process of using a vacuum-like attachment. With this attachment, the deep and stubborn debris is finally removed from the pores. 
  • Third part: the third part of the HydraFacial is using another attachment, a pen-like one, that is important for applying the moisturizing serum rich in antioxidants. 

As you might notice, the HydraFacial is a treatment that might have set the tone for the newest trend in the regular daily skincare routine, which includes the double cleansing process. 

What results should you expect after doing a HydraFacial treatment?

Each skincare treatment is designed with the proper goal of delivering the visible result to the look of the skin, and some even target certain skin issues. The HydraFacial, as mentioned before, is a treatment that is highly beneficial to all different skin types and conditions, and for that fact, very suitable and recommended. These are the greatest benefits from doing a HydraFacial:

Prevention of acne appearance

The deep exfoliation and peel work wonders in cleaning the skin and the pores from the dirt and residue. It unclogs them, leaving them clean, without any possibility of formation of acne.

Prevention of blackhead appearance

The deep and stubborn black dots that appear on the skin are as unflattering as the acne. The HydraFacial, with the exfoliation and the extracting method, delivers direct and visible results. 

Anti-aging benefits

The HydraFacial treatment can smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The exfoliation process that is part of the procedure removes layers of thin, dry, aging skin and stimulates collagen production. The combination of new collagen with the nourishing ingredients present in the hydrating serum leads to much better textural improvements in the regenerated tissues and cells, which eventually results in a better look of the skin. This result is smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

Deal with Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the condition of the skin. The symptoms of rosacea include facial flushing, facial redness, spots, thickening of the skin, even eye problems such as dry eyes and sore eyelids. This condition is most common with the sensitive skin type and HydraFacial is very safe and beneficial in dealing with it. 

Can HydraFacial cause breakouts or skin damage?

As mentioned above, HydraFacial is a safe treatment. It is light and comfortable for the skin, and generally, does not cause pain or redness on the skin. 

However, there is always the possibility of appearance or irritation, or a rash. This comes from the main property of the HydraFacial to address the excess sebum and dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts. The treatment helps in clearing the impurities during skin purging that happens after deep exfoliation, and if the skin is sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients, it might result and cause a break out after the treatment. 

HydraFacial vs. Microdermabrasion

Both HydraFacial and microdermabrasion techniques provide softer layers on the skin, that is gentle to the touch, it the HydraFacial system that can deliver a significant difference in treating pigmentation, wrinkles, darkness, etc. The results from HydraFacial are more visible than microdermabrasion.

HydraFacial is a gentle, non-abrasive skin treatment that is also known as a “red-carpet ready” system. It is the perfect facial before heading for a big event, gathering, photoshoot, holiday without the need for a recovery or downtime phase. 

Both HydraFacial and microdermabrasion work great for issues like acne, dark spots, while HydraFacial prevails when it comes to preventing skin aging and sun damage. Each of the procedures is great for different skin issues. Overall, Hydrafacial is gentler for the surfaces and is best for plumping and firming the skin.